Märjamaa sports centre


We can accommodate for up to 50 people.

A great place to organise sports camps.

Single room

€30.00 per night

Are you one of those people who can’t stand other’s snoring or just prefer to be alone? Our single room offers you an ideal opportunity to sleep alone, in peace and quiet. Don’t let it slip away and book today!

Remember, we only have two single rooms so you need to be fast to snap this room from the other coaches!

Double room

€30.00 / night / per person

We have three double rooms – two of these have separate standing beds and one where beds are side by side. Great for people who enjoy each other’s company! 


Triple room

€30.00 / night / per person

We have five triple rooms. Three of those have the best view of the house. Three rooms have couch beds and two rooms have bunk beds. Keep your friends close and book a shared room! 

Quadruple room

€30.00 / night / per person

We only have one quadruple room. If you have three best friends, then this room is for you! 

There are two bunk beds and two couch-beds. 


Room with five beds

€30.00 / night / per person

We only have one room with five beds. 

It has two bunk beds and one couch-bed, also a beautiful view of the stars. 

Room with six beds

€30.00 / night / per person

Our rooms with six beds are meant for those who truly enjoy the whole camp experience. This is where all the social life takes place! The room has three bunk beds. Only three rooms available – choose the best company! 


Organise your camp with us!

We have a wide range of opportunities for organising various sports camps and events.